This is a perfect example of opposites complimenting each other, old and new, traditional and contemporary, dark and light, simple and detailed. The result works because of two distinct palates, two blocks of color, light and dark. One of our favourites.


Here’s a radical notion: What if you really liked, even outright adored, every material thing in your own life? What if the quality, shape, color, function, and feel of everything you owned gave you satisfaction, pride, and delight?
Often, people hold on to futons and tired old chairs long after their university days have passed. “Well, we hate it,” they say, “but we really need it.” Get rid of it.
When you let go of things you don’t love you create space for things that you do love to show up. If you don’t like something in your space, it’s dragging you down. This is about how stuff makes you feel

Invite Improvement. Satisfaction and delight feel just right.

Identify the “old chairs” in your life that you’re making do with and get rid of them. You may have to sit on floor cushions for a while, but you’ll be dwelling in possibility instead of compromise and regret.

via:  Old Chair by Charles Williams


I have a conflicted relationship with design, love that it can be a vehicle for self expression, abhore it's often a vehicle for consumerism. The standard seasonal design question, "What's hot?" I find boring and stale. So it was a lovely surprise to to read a thoughtful answer by Marie-Louise Von Haselberg, Editor-in- chief of Glass Magazine, to this typical question,

"What's hot right now?"

  • Family: The specially chosen, inspirational, invigorating and integral personalities that you hold dear.
  • Creative community: a pooling of resources.
  • Our own talent: passion and ability must be celebrated, but collaboration only makes us stronger. As individuals we can be great, together we are magnificent.
I adore her answers, what's hot for you?


One of our favorite sites, SWISSMISS, featured this poster by Marc Johns. A signed copy for $20 makes a great gift! Think I'll buy for my melancholy, dramatic teenage nieces.


We always have a blast on Urban Rush with Fiona and Mike. Check out our video on summer trends in collaboration with IKEA.

Thanks to Country Furniture, Living Space, Casa and Vancouver Special for lending us beautiful and fun accessories. 



  • Hogsten Easy Chair
  • Hogsten Foot Stool
  • Plain Linens & Blanket
  • Floor Mat 
  • Lighting Fixture
  • Flower Pot
  • Straw Bag
  • Cushions
  • Rob Knot
  • Striped Linens



Maria Killam is a blog phenomenon in the colour world, she has an impeccable eye and a understanding nature, a perfect combination to inspire people to welcome colour into their lives. 

Thank you Maria for a wonderful interview.

What do you recommend to people who may feel insecure choosing colour in their life?
Begin with colourful accessories and pillows if you feel a wall colour is too big a commitment.

What advice do you have for people who are afraid of colour?
In my experience people intuitively know what colours they like but are afraid to make a mistake.  My advice is to find a colour professional to guide you in making choices that are right for you.

In a materialistic world obsessed with image, it can be hard to stay in touch with your real self. How does one choose colors that reflect their true style?
It’s important to stay true to the colors you love. I've loved orange, yellow and green for years, I never tire of them. If you love a color because it’s the new hot trend,  don't change everything in your house because when the next trend arrives, changing it will cost a fortune.


It’s easy to take the most loved and most used things in our life for granted. The people and things that are there for us day after day become regular or normal, and seemingly less-than-special.
But spring shakes things up. Every year, the force of life unfailingly says to the trees, “Hey! I’m here! We’re in this together! Here are some blossoms, some roots, some new shoots!”
Time after time, things renewed become beacons of beauty.

Five Tips on how to "Make some Spring Happen."
  1. Look at your home and find one or two possessions that can be revitalized.
  2. Inject life into them. Paint the bathroom (we love Farrow & Ball)  and remember select the color that makes your heart sing.
  3. Make repairs - fix your bike, call to say that you’re committed to calling more often, make good on a promise to yourself.
  4. Get the dust off and make some shine - get an old picture framed, call an old friend, nurture your soul and take that meditation class.
  5. Begin an exciting perhaps intimidating project, add stretching to your morning ritual, stop one thing you find intolerable.
image via: Absolutely Beautiful Things


Phrases showing up on concrete walls are text-based artwork by Scottish artist Douglas Gordon. Don't you love the simplicity?  What words would you write?



"For any traveler who has any taste of his own, the only useful guide-book will be the one which he himself has written." Aldous Huxley

I want to go to Paris. My adventure will include using the Paris Moleskine City Notebook. The thread-bound City Notebook has 228 pages, with 44 pages in color. The beauty of this travel guide is the structure and freedom it offers because it has information about the city, plus pages for doodles and notes. After my trip I’ll have a wonderful scrapbook to share with others and to use as a reference for future travels.

What city do you want to explore? Check out Moleskine's collection of City Notebook.

Via:  Moleskine, by Amir K.


Congratulations to Interior Designer and popular blogger (35,000 daily readers) Holly Becker, on the launch of her new book Decorate - and what a gorgeous book it is, bravo Holly!  Decorate, "teeming with clever, creative and quirky advice from the world's top designers,"  is a visual delight, the perfect combination of inspiration and information. And how exciting to open the book and read quotes from moi! Thanks for including me Holly.


Driving fast, in the kitchen, surfing waves, big city anywhere, amongst the trees, hiding in bed...
This the place you feel most grounded and connected to yourself. How do you feel when you're there?  What do you most value about your home? Follow your  heart and your heart will find home.

My favorite answer from my best gal friend,
"With my husband!"
Sweet, simple and absolute. What about you?

photo via: Gaile Guevara, fellow Canadian and fabulous Interior Designer. If you love modern design, her site is a must see!


Interior designers are forever discussing the perfect white paint. They know everything looks better with white. Traditional Louis IV furniture looks hipper surrounded by white, Bohemian sari fabric hung on a white wall is an ideal contrast, and a Contemporary Eames chair must be in a white room.

Benjamin Moore's Decorator White and Simply White are highly recommended by design gurus. Be eco-friendly for a few more dollars per can  go for the Eco Spec line.

  • Buy several small cans and paint sample swatches on your walls.
  • Check paint color under actual light conditions, whether natural or artificial.
  • Have fun. Painting a room is like a getting haircut – it’s not permanent, so be creative.


"We tend to think of decorating as adding things, but one of the best ways to get started on your living-space autobiography is by subtracting - ridding your home of objects that make you feel bad."


We're always excited and a little bit nervous for our initial  presentation to a client. The gathering of materials, images and drawings create a story board we ooohh and aaahh over, hoping they do as well. And she did!

Love you Mary!  A woman mature of age with a youthful modern spirit, we salute your commitment to quality and great design.