I think everyone must have a first memory of some house, some room, a vivid picture that will remain deep down in one forever.
Sister Parish


"A Picture Says a Thousand Words." 
Collages are a wonderful way to express what you're drawn to and a will give your designer a snapshot of your life.  Collect bits and pieces and store in a box, when the tome is right create your own page from a magazine. Here's a page  for all you Traditional's with definition.

Spirit: Traditional gets tremendous joy from nourishing a sense of community and family, whether within a neighborhood, group, organization, or among family members and friends. They are curious and learn from what has come before, especially anything pertaining to time-honored orthodox doctrines and practices. Traditional is keenly interested in finding the best way to do something. What has worked in the past? and What will work now and in the future? are their guiding questions. And when they find something that works, they happily dispense advice, and share best finds, how-tos, and personal learning. If they can't find an established way of doing something that works for them, Traditional will create their own customs, routines, or rituals and ultimately legacies. They build things to last—relationships, creative works, a sense of home and place, policies, products—and they hang in there. Traditional typically has a strong personal sense of right and wrong, which at times can cause rigidity. At their best, Traditional is actively curious about the perspectives and creations of other cultures.
accustomed, acknowledged, ancestral, classic, classical, conventional, customary, doctrinal, established, family, historic, homespun, handmade, heritage, legacy, native, natural, old, oral, origins, passed on, popular, rooted, time-honored, timeless
Look & Feel: Respectful, classic, timeless, enduring, conventional.


Check out Tanja working on her buddies new condo in Marpole! What a Jane of all Trades -  Interior Designer, furniture designer, floor layer, biker, number cruncher and sweet as can be. Love being her business partner but can't let her get to far ahead in the tool department, I can swing a hammer too!