find company principles, intentions, mission statements fascinating -  distilling intention into beautifully woven words gets me every-time.

Keep good company.
Notice the ordinary.
Get to the heart of the matter.
Zoom out.
Prototype it.
Preserve the ephemeral.
Explain it to a child.
Get lost in the content.
Never tolerate "O.K. anything".
Remember your responsibility as a storyteller.
Make design your life. (And life, your design.)
Leave something behind.

*Thank you Chris Gilmoure
* photo via Apartment Therapy


“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. 

Maya Angelou


Bill Murray gave a poetry reading to construction workers building the new home for Poets House in New York. Don't you love how he weaves poetry and humor to embrace the craft of the hand and the heart.



Indigo, has a rich history, powerful meaning, and luxurious hue. The name comes from the indigo plant, and the dye is used for cloth which produces denim - volia blue jeans. The indigo plant originally came from India and the color represents intuition and perception, a rich and heavenly meaning. 
Have you noticed 2012 is the year of Indigo? A big trend in Fashion and Interiors it's shown  up on the runways and in the shops - add a shot of color and listen to your inklings!! 

MH at IDSWEST 2012

IDS WEST! We had a blast (wine available all weekend) at the largest contemporary design show on the West Coast. Hanging out with Christian Woo (my first introduction, he is sweet and cute) the boys from Burritt Brothers, and many talented designers & knowledgable suppliers. We also met Canadian House & Homes editor, Suzanne Deema, who was  so welcoming and inquisitive.

But more importantly, we were there to showcase our work. We were invited to present our style on a 4x4 foot space, sooo small, but we like challenges. Tanja designed and made our clever movable closet, I styled it, (thank you Le Marche St. George, Provide & a few of my own props) The response was fabulous including offers to buy our closet and my Hunter rubber boots! 

After four days & nights,  you'll find me on my couch in  sweatpants caftan cuddling with my son, Tanja will be zooming down a mountain on her bike.